Academy Badminton website


Following an enforced change of venue, Bristol’s Academy Badminton club had seen it’s membership decline and they were struggling to find enough players of the required standard to field competitive league teams. We were asked to rebrand the club with the aim of getting the existing members to renew their memberships whilst also making the club more appealing to potential new members.

Following the launch of the new identity, and key to reinvigorating the club’s membership, was the development of a new website. Having previously relied heavily on their affiliation to the Avon Badminton League and Badminton England to help promote the club, having their own website designed provided them with access to a much wider audience.

And they’ve seen results

Within 12 months of launching the new identity and website the club was operating at capacity and has a waiting list for new members. They have launched two new teams in the Bristol leagues and three of their teams have been promoted over the last two seasons.