Rare Butchers

There has been a butchers on the Rare premises for over 40 years but when the current owners took it on it had been closed for almost six months and the previous owner, who had retired, no longer wanted his name attached to the business. We were faced with the task of re-branding the business to reflect the ethos of the new owners while hopefully attracting the previous customers back to the shop. And we had to do it as quickly as possible in order for the business to start trading again.

Although the old business was very well regarded, the new owners wanted to develop a reputation for excellent, locally sourced meat, with a high standard of animal welfare. They wanted a brand that would reflect this modern, consumer driven, trend for ethical products but that wouldn’t alienate the older clientele who had been visiting the shop for years. We suggested the name Rare for it’s two fold meaning – products of the highest quality are usually rare, whilst for a butcher, the only way to eat your meat is ‘rare’.

To accompany the Rare logo design we decided on retaining but refreshing the green used by the previous owner and on introducing the strap-line ‘Butchers of Southville’. We hoped this would create some familiarity for people who had previously visited the shop while also clearly locating the shop within the community.