Yellowhammer branding

Devon based building and restoration company, Yellowhammer, approached us to create a brand for them. They wanted something that reflected their traditional roots, restoring old buildings using sympathetic building techniques but also showed they were forward looking and modern.

We developed a brand based on the age-old practice among stonemasons of using a mason’s mark to identify your work. These symbols were generally chiseled into the stonework to show which areas of a building had been worked on by different individuals. Because of this need to be chiseled into stone and kept relatively small, these symbols were generally very simple (usually just a few lines) but also needed to be distinct, self contained and easily recognisable. In many ways, these are some of the earliest forms of what we now understand as logos.

To develop the Yellowhammer brand we worked with the letters Y and H, parring them back to their basic letterforms, to create a simple but classic symbol that could be used across a wide range of applications. Regardless of size or colour it still retains the same easy level of recognition much like the early mason’s marks. A classic blend of the traditional and the modern.