ITF fishing industry guidebook

It is widely recognised that commercial fishing can be one of the most dangerous and unregulated types of work there is. The International Labor Organization (ILO) Work in Fishing Convention of 2007 was designed to ensure that workers within the fishing industry worldwide have access to decent working and living conditions. It was finally adopted in June 2007, after years of difficult negotiations.

However, although officially adopted, it still required ratification from all member states. So, in late 2012 the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) commissioned us to design this guidebook. The aim of the book is to help trade unions and their members understand the convention and lobby more effectively for its ratification. The hope is that this will eventually help to improve conditions throughout this hazardous industry.

The cartoons that illustrate the guide were specially commissioned from Bristol based artist Dan Parry-Jones. We have since reproduced this guidebook design in French and Spanish.